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Suzanne Gilchrist & Group Writing Ventures

Please welcome Suzanne Gilchrist to the blog today!!

Why I love group writing ventures & how it can help writers on their journey. 

To date, I’ve organised three successful group writing ventures. Not only have I found new friends, but I’ve expanded my reader base and had a lot of fun along the way. 

The first venture I organised was set in the fictional small town of Bindarra Creek and currently there are three series / ventures situated in this world. The first had 13 members including myself, the second nine (this was an anthology of short stories) and the current series, A Town Reborn, has nine members. My latest romance, Take Me Home, is the first book in this series released on 21st July with further releases by the other members occurring every month until March next year. Our website is here:

Another writing venture I organised, again set in a small, remote, country town, is the Mindalby Outback Romances, which was traditionally published by Harper Collins both in paperback and also ebooks and has seven members (including myself). Our facebook page is here:

I also organised a duo writing venture which was a romantic suspense series, titled Deadly Forces with Erin Moira O’Hara where we both wrote a full-length novel about two sisters who were stranded in the Amazon after a plane crash. 

One of the reasons I love group writing ventures is the support each member gives to the others – this is both emotional support by way of motivation and also support on the writing aspect. There is an energy associated with group writing which I think is enthused into our work. Tasks can be divided, and the brainstorming is enormous fun. 

Since I organised these ventures by coming up with the initial ideas, I also draw up agreements and guidelines for each series. Having official agreements not only gives each member a clear understanding of deadlines and expectations and a list of rules we all must abide by, but also direction in relation to the underlying theme of the series, the genre, and our target audience.

When it comes to release days and promotion, each member shares and promotes within their own readership base and also on various social medias. This can result in a far-wider reach than I would normally achieve when writing alone.

In the ventures, I’ve had experienced writers and also emerging writers and I feel being part of group writing has given the ‘newbies’ an additional boost both to their writing skills and also their confidence.

Would I do it again? Well, the final release for the Bindarra Creek – A Town Reborn series isn’t until March 2020 and until that time I need to be available to answer any questions and continually update our character database and map. My answer is yes, I’d love to run another venture. But not for a while as I also wish to concentrate on my own series. 

So if you have an idea you’d like to share with other writers, search out those your writing is compatible with and who you respect. Work out your guidelines and rules. Enjoy the process and have fun.  And good luck 😊.

Suzanne Gilchrist lives in the Hunter Valley, Australia with her family and pets and is the author of over twenty books, several of which have finalled in writing contests. As S. E. Gilchrist, she writes science fiction, ancient historical, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic romances and romantic suspense. As Suzanne Gilchrist, she writes women’s fiction and contemporary small-town romances, often with a splash of suspense.
Suzanne takes a keen interest in the environment and animal welfare and loves bushwalking and kayaking, spending time with family and friends and walking her dogs. She co-runs Hunter Romance Writers and is the organiser of several group writing ventures.

Suzanne Gilchrist is published with Escape Publishing / Harlequin Australia and is an indie author.
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Take Me Home (Bindarra Creek A Town Reborn)

Forgiving the past was too painful until now.

Almost forty, Abby Taylor has built a new life for herself in the small country town of Bindarra Creek. When an old friend convinces her to give two adolescent boys a temporary home, she is torn between a growing love for these orphans and the grief in her past.

After his marriage fell apart, Roman Taylor has focused on his career. An unexpected phone call sends him rushing to Abby’s side where he is drawn into his estranged wife’s new life – a life that could offer a future he thought he’d lost forever.
Will they seize this second chance to have a family of their own? Or will fate once again destroy their dreams?

Welcome to Bindarra Creek – A Town Reborn, a fictional town set on the western slopes of the New England tablelands. Take me Home is the first book in this new group writing venture series. With a community full of quirky characters, the books feature compelling romance, heart-warming family life, drama, and even suspense.

Buy on:

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Thanks Suzanne!
What a fabulous idea - love the thought of working with other writers in ventures like these!

How about you? Have you been involved with a venture with other writers? Have you read any series where each book is by a different author?


  1. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun...and a challenge, too! I read a book once where each section/POV was written by a different author and it was seamless, which really impressed me!

    1. That would be incredibly difficult to do! Lots of work required to pull that off!

    2. Hi Elizabeth - that sounds a bit like a 'round robin' story. I've done that once and it was fun. You could really challenge the next writer by what you wrote yourself. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Big publishing houses do that - why not an author? Very clever idea and a big benefit to all involved.

    1. Great to see you here - yes, we have found the ventures benefits all on board. I think the trick is to find professionally minded writers who mesh together well. We all ended up being good friends. So win, win!

  3. What a great idea. And an incredible co-incidence. As I type, my partner is in the Hunter Valley visiting a person who has been a friend for over forty years. A very creative person (though my partner and myself are appreciators rather than creators).

    1. After reading some of your WEP pieces, I have to say you are definitely a creator as well!

    2. That is an amazing co-incidence! Thank you for dropping by.

  4. Yes, this is such an excellent idea.

    Congratulations to Suzanne on her new book!

    1. Thanks Nas. There's a lot of work that goes behind the scenes in pulling group writing ventures together. But its worth it!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog. Plus, now I have another blog to follow! Have a great day.

  6. Awesome advice and tips. Thanks Jemi and Suzanne.

    1. So glad you received some writing info from my post. Have a lovely day.