Monday, December 12, 2011

Untraceable & SR Johannes

I'm thrilled to be hosting SR Johannes, talented author of Untraceable, here today. Shelli's agreed to answer some questions and give us some insights into the way things work for her!

What’s your favorite part of the writing process?
That moment when everything clicks and you can't type fast enough and the story is falling into place and you don’t want to stop because it feels so good that you had a breakthrough after months of writing crap. I love that.

Do you have your own writing spot in the house? What’s it like?
It’s my office. Jealous? Don’t be…

Because it also acts as a storage area for unread ARCS, a place for unfiled bills to stack, a place where kids want to play on the computer. The recycling room for all things paper. It’s also a place where Hubby can’t keep his side of the partner desk clean! Arg.

How do you feel about writing in public (coffee shop or library)?
I’m not good at it. I have ADHD so I get easily distracted.

In coffee shops - I have this bad habit of drinking coffee. Go figure. Then I get all wired up and can’t focus because heaven forbid if I ate because coffee is so much better for me than muffins. So I start listening to other people’s conversations and getting involved in their lives in my head.

In libraries, I can’t talk out loud to myself, which is what I do when I write. So librarians would hate me because I am “crazy lady who talks to herself” writer.

At least if I get distracted at home – it can be productive like laundry or cleaning or eating or Googling. :)

And a couple of quick questions just for fun:

Favourite beverage?
Morning - coffee with flavored cream
Mid-day - Sweet tea (I force myself to drink some water just to feel healthy)
Night (well not EVERY night) – wine or very dirty martini

Favourite season?
Fall. I love to be cozy in sweaters and jeans and UGGs. Then again, I wear jeans and UGGs all year long. And I wonder why Top Model hasn’t called. Hm.

Favourite animated character?
Oh gosh. I’m a mom so this is hard b/c THERE. ARE. SO. MANY. I think the characters in Despicable Me and Ice Age movies are hilarious. But overall, I always loved the Pink Panther. (Great choice!)

Favourite TV show?
Right now? Iron Chef and Chopped. I love reality shows that are competitions. I love Modern Family and Terra Nova. Overall I loved Ally McBeal and Friends (Am I showing my age yet?)

Great answers! :)
Thanks so much for visiting, Shelli! If you haven't picked up Untraceable yet, you should (paperback, Kindle, Smashwords)! It's a fabulous YA adventure story with all kinds of twists and turns. Check out my review here.

So, what's your answer to one of those quick questions?


  1. Hi Shelli, Hello Jemi!

    Great interview~! Thanks for sharing about yourself! Loved reading.

  2. Favourite season? Spring!

    Thank you Jemi and SR Johannes for a fun Q&A!! Good luck with Untraceable, SR!!!

    Take care

  3. Fun interview, Shelli and Jemi!

    I'm with Shelli on the crazy-writer-who-talks-to-herself thing. Unfortunately, I've apparently lost my reticence about doing it! I mutter dialogue back and forth under my breath at coffee shops and libraries. :)

    Best wishes with "Untraceable!"

  4. So much fun - thanks for sharing. Right now, I'm kind of addicted to Chopped.

  5. Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one. First, I don't have a big coffee shop nearby. I could go to the one in town but I'd end up running into everyone I know!

  6. Nas - Shelli's such an interesting gal! :)

    Yvonne - thank you!

    Old Kitty - thank you! Fall is mine :)

    Elizabeth - that's so funny! I haven't dared to write in public yet :)

    Andrea - I just recently discovered Chopped - it's fun! :)

    Laura - I've never written in public either - I'd be too stressed!

  7. I can't write in public - too easily distracted. And I love the minions from Despicable Me.

  8. Oh, it's very difficult for me to write in public as well, unless I'm working against a deadline. But I've always wanted to, because the idea of writing in a coffee shop is so quinessential to a writer.

  9. I really enjoyed reading this interview! I'm not great at writing in coffee shops and bookstores either, but I can do it if I absolutely need to, as long as I have headphones to block out all the noise and activity around me.

  10. Favorite animated character? The singing slugs in Flushed Away make me laugh every time.

  11. Shelli, I had no idea just HOW MUCH we have in common! Wow. :-)

  12. That was a fun interview! My favorite animated character? Ang...The Last Airbender. :)

  13. A most entertaining interview!

    All the best with Untraceable, SR :)

  14. Diane - I've never tried writing in public - way too scary for me! And I LOVE the minions! :)

    Emy - totally agree! I just wish I could work up the nerve to do it! :)

    Julie - headphones is a great idea! Then people might not be tempted to talk to me either!

    Alex - just the title made me laugh - so I'm betting they would too!

    Shannon - it's amazing when we read these things and see how much we're like each other - love it!

    DL - very cool choice!! :)

    Wendy - glad you enjoyed it!

  15. I'd prefer coffee over food any day. I have to use earphones when I'm writing in a cafe. The last time I didn't, a woman was arguing with someone over the phone about her husbands Viagra order. True story.

  16. My copy of Shelli's book arrived today! I can't wait to read it.

    I love Chopped too...

  17. Ciara - I think the headphones are a great idea, but I'm still too nervous to try it! One of the reasons would be hearing things like that Viagra story!!! :)

  18. Sharon - you're going to love the book! I've just started watching Chopped - it's fun! :)

  19. I love the characters in Ice Age too.
    I'm opposite. I can lots done in coffee shops though the library is too quiet.

  20. Yes I talk to myself when I write

    You should see me during the fight scenes - so being around people is probably not safe.


    thanks for stoppign by guys! hope you like the book.

    Its on sale for 99 cents until Jan 1 for holidays.

    That's a lottery ticket at kroger - and lets face it - you never win on those so at least you get something for this 1$ you spend :)

  21. Susan - really? That's very cool! I do like background noise, but I don't know about a coffee shop! :)

    Shelli - that's a GREAT price!! I bet there will be a lot of happy readers over the holidays! :)

  22. My favorite place to write is at home, too - it's the only place I can talk to myself and not get funny looks. Even the kids and hubby have learned to ignore it.

  23. The first comment: that is an awesome feeling! You just sits and types. Sits and types. Shut everything else down and the words flow off your fingers and everything links together and makes sense!

  24. Great interview, you two. I agree with just about everything, Shelli, except the flavored cream in coffee.

    Congratulations on your book. And I love the cover.

  25. Susan - it's funny how the family can learn to ignore our odd little behaviours, isn't it? :)

    Stephen - I agree - there's such an awesome feeling when everything is really clicking and flowing! :)

    Lee - thank you! I don't like coffee, but most else I agree with too!

  26. Fantastic interview! What a great blog tour.

  27. okay did someone say they dont like flava in their coffee?? now that's crazier than acting out my fight scene )which BTW I always win! ha!)

  28. I agree about coffee and autumn!
    Great interview :-)

  29. Christina - thanks!

    Shelli - so it's bad then, if I don't like coffee at all! :P

    Deniz - autumn is the best! :)

  30. Fun interview, ladies!!
    I'm a Modern Family, Friends girl, myself!

  31. Kelly - thanks :) I like both of those shows as well! :)

  32. Margo - your comment won't post for some bizarre reason, so I'm posting it here...

    "The Pink Panther! Oh my goodness, you just gave me the biggest craving to watch this forgotten hero of mine." - Margo Berendsen ...

  33. That was a fun interview! Loved the Top Model comment. Comfort always reigns over the possibility of model scouts finding you!

  34. Lydia - Shelli is fabulous! Comfort is indeed key! :)

  35. I'm not good at writing in public either, although I've discovered airplanes are great places to write. I don't think that really counts though since it's not like I can run down to the airport and hop a plane whenever I want to write. (Wouldn't that be nice? I think I'd like to write today so I'm going to go to... Hawaii. Ha!)

    Great interview!

  36. Stephanie - I like that plan! I'd join you in Hawaii too - sounds like fun! :)

  37. I love the description of your office space. :)

  38. Great interview! :)

    I can't write as well in a public space than when I'm alone, either. Too distracting . . .

  39. Southpaw - I know! It made me laugh too :)

    Golden Eagle - I've never tried - don't know if I ever will :)

  40. Writing in public, or even reading, is not for me. I tend to watch everything around and don't get much done otherwise. My wife thinks I'm being nosy, but I call it research.

    Tossing It Out

  41. Lee - me either! I'm way too interested in others, and far too worried they'll be looking at me and my writing! :)

  42. Great interview, Ladies!!! I loved UNTRACEABLE! The writing is so real, the dialogue, action.

    Great read!!

  43. Erica - I totally agree! It's a fabulous read! :)

  44. Fantastic interview, Jemi and Shelli. I plan on picking up Untraceable.

  45. Thanks Medeia - I know you'll enjoy the book! :)

  46. I love that first answer! I know that moment and it's AWESOME. Also coffee in the morning with cream and wine or dirty martini on occasion? I'm so with you on that.

  47. Lisa - it is an incredible feeling - one of the best I know! :)

  48. Julie - I agree - Shelli's fantastic! :)

  49. Great interview ladies! I agree about useful distractions. It seems to be a very common writerly trait :)

  50. Catherine - thank you! And I think we writers are very good at distractions! :)

  51. Terry - your comment didn't post (don't know why!) but here it is...

    wow! sounds awesome! thanks for another great review. You are so supportive of other writers!!!

    (me again...) Thank you! It's such a good book! :)