Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Blahs

I don't know about your part of the world, but here in Northern Ontario the February Blahs are a very real condition. It feels like spring might never come and days and days and DAYS can go by without sunshine. Everyone I know is sick or has been sick. My brain hasn't had the energy required for this rewrite. Currently I can't see the street from my front walkway because the snowbanks stand a foot taller than my head. Now, I'm barely taller than 5 feet, but still.

So, enough of my whining - help me beat those blahs. I need you to tell me something happy.


I'll start.
  • some of my twitter & blog buddies have books coming out soon and I can't wait to read them!
  • while I was sick, I discovered a few new-to-me authors I really enjoy and they all have several books out I'll be reading soon
  • I'm in the middle of reading one of my crit buddy's new stories and it is AWESOME!
  • we've had fun making snow angels and snowmen at school
  • I'm having a blast teaching my kids at school to write stories
  • and... well...
Okay. Your turn!


  1. Happy? Happy is we're getting snow tonight instead of rain. (We've had too much of that here in Mich.) I'm ready to query my novel. I planted basil seeds yesterday and put them under a grow light. That's enough happy for me! Spring is right around the corner, Jemi and since March is coming in like a Lion...

  2. Yvonne - that is happy! I love basil too, alhtough I've given up trying to grow it from seed - never works for me! Good luck with your queries!! :)

  3. How about this -- I was secretly slipped an early cut of the 10 minute short film based on my book. And last Saturday, I had a screening party at my home for friends and family to show off the film?

    It was a lot of fun. Everyone said, "We want more! We want to know the rest of the story!"

    And I can only hope that studio execs who see it feel the same way!

  4. Dianne - that is AWESOME!!!! I hope those execs feel the same way too. From what I saw in the trailer I can totally believe they'll want more - so very, very cool! :) Yay!

  5. Oh, Jemi, I've got the blahs, too. I spent the afternoon reading a spy novel - had no energy for anything else. Tomorrow I see doc about erratic heart beat. Let's see, something happy - hmmm, hubby and I cuddling on the couch tonight watching a chick flick.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of snow. Hopefully that will end soon.

    Meanwhile, I've been working on a rewrite of a short story with hopes of entering it into a contest. :)

  7. That is some serious snow.
    Hey, March Madness is almost here! The A to Z is coming. Iron Man III will be out soon! Any of that helping? Or is it just me...?

  8. The best part of February is that it's only 28 days! And Alaska is back up to double-digit hours of daylight--10 hours and 9(ish) minutes today!

    I hope some of that snow of yours starts to melt soon. Flowers are on the way, I promise!

  9. One could never be bored with my TBR pile of review books, but believe me, I'not complaining.


  10. We don't have near as much snow but it's been super cold all month. And last night with the snow, we had at least 8 power outages.

    But on a happy note, I'm reading The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen. It's fantastic. I think reading and some TV watching are good for the blahs. Sounds like you're on the right track. It'll pass.

  11. It's been sort of blah here, too! But--spring is on its way!

  12. Karen - I'll be thinking of you and that appt today! And that cuddle/movie sounds about perfect :)

    Mel - that's fun! I wish you well! And it's getting warmer, so the snow should be going soon... I guess :)

    Alex - I'm more Stanley Cup than March Madness - although we're also closing in on the French Open :)

    Stephanie - that makes me feel better about our own meager sunshine! Thanks :)

    Maria - I bet! And I'm trying really hard not to complain! :)

    Natalie - you're right - the blahs never do stay for long. I think being sick again has pulled me down - I hate not having the energy!

    Elizabeth - spring and flowers definitely help!! :)

  13. The blackbirds have started singing again!! Yay!! Take care

  14. I miss the snow in winter, but Canada sounds like it might be a bit too much.

  15. We are getting socked with snow and ice in Missouri. Ready for Spring. I'm thankful that I have a warm place to live in -- out of the weather.

  16. Hi, Jemi,

    I SO know how you feel. Chicago has been NUTS this winter. Not as bad as you guys though. We've been getting the "TEASER" day every few weeks. It will hit 40 with bright sunshine ... and then BAM! The arctic winds kick and the temps drop twenty five degrees.

    GOOD NEWS... SPRING IS COMING... I force myself out and the squirrels are frolicking in the snow. The geese are HONKING like mad. And the kids are having a blast sledding down the hills in the park.

    LIFE goes on even in the dead of winter. We just have to get OUT OF THE HOUSE and look for it. I believe the worst thing for us is to hibernate in winter. We are not bears. WE need to keep active and social. Go to your local Starbucks or coffee house and sit by the fire with your kindle or computer. Life is to short not to live it...

  17. We saw the sun! It was a couple days ago and only for about an hour, but it's still up there.

  18. well, I'm happy we dont have a snowstorm in LA, thats for sure:) also happy to be feeling better after a short weekend bug.

  19. Old Kitty - blackbirds are good! Yay!

    Matthew - mostly I don't mind it at all - but we've had a ton since the new year and it looks like it might never melt! :)

    Teresa - me too! I often think of that devastating ice storm a decade or so ago where people were without power for such a long time
    in the winter - scary!

    Michael - so true! Our wildlife is still locked up pretty tight. The kids & I went snowshoeing today outside - a lot of fun! We're all going to sleep well tonight :)

    Linda - it's still there!!! YAY! Best news yet :)

    Nutschell - I was sick too - which probably brought on my whining (I hate being sick). Glad you're feeling better!

  20. This tumblr site on writing has me laughing every day: http://title2come.tumblr.com

    I guarantee it will turn your frown upside down! :)

  21. We've got the Blahs Down Under for a very different reason. It's too hot! But soon it will be autumn. That makes me happy :)

  22. Laura - thanks! Off to check it out!

    Wendy - too funny! I'll take the cold over too hot any day! At least you can put on layers with the cold! And autumn really is the perfect season :)

  23. I understand about the blahs. It is rainy here today and will be again tomorrow. All the snow (mounds of it) looks dirty.

    On to some bright notes- it isn't cold and I notice it is getting lighter out. I am looking forward to seeing grass again. :) Other happy news- today is my birthday and that is always a pick me up! I get to have some of my favorite foods today.

    I hope you see lots of sunshine soon!

  24. Jess - I hate that dirty snow - it's so pretty when it's white & fresh!

    Happy Birthday!!! Yay! Have a cupcake for me! *hugs*

  25. How about a joke?

    A linguistics professor was lecturing to his English class one day. "In English," he said, "a double negative forms a positive. In some languages, though, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, there is no language wherein a double positive can form a negative."

    A voice from the back of the room piped up, "Yeah, right."


  26. No snow in Atlanta. Winter has been intermittent rainy/warm and sunny/cool. Wait, that's not happy, is it? I liked DL's joke. I'm going for an anecdote:

    Tolstoy (a fervent pacifist) was lecturing on on the need to be nonresistant and nonviolent toward all creatures. A man in the audience asked Tolstoy what he should do if attacked in the woods by a tiger. Tolstoy told him to, "Do the best you can. It doesn't happen very often."

    Q: What do snow and adolescence have in common?
    A: They both disappear if you if you ignore them long enough. :)

  27. The blahs are getting to me too. The bad thing is the forecast for March is more of the same cold, wet winter.

  28. DL - that's an awesome one!!! Definitely going to use that one with my class! :) Thanks!

    VR - awesome!!! It will disappear may just be my mantra! :)

    Susan - Unless we have a big change in temp, I can see us still having snow a week or 2 into April. *sigh* I don't mind the sunny days even if they're cold - just need some sun!!

  29. Good news/happy things? Hmm. I actually have enough energy today to read blogs and even make a couple of comments here and there, that counts for something.

    Yeah, I don't mind winter, but I'm about ready for it to be over.

  30. Jeff - that definitely counts for something! I'm in the same boat - winter's just part of life so you might as well enjoy it! But those mile high banks are hard to take when it's almost March!

  31. I love happy things. Sunshine, kittens, children laughing, spring flowers poking through the ground. Yay for happiness.

  32. Lee - I do too! I would love to see some of those flowers, but it'll be more than a few weeks before that happens!

  33. Actually, it's a dull time of year - just before Spring breaks...

  34. I know so many people who've been sick, and I've had colds this season as well.

    It looks like you've found the bright side, though.

  35. Maria - it is! It looks so pretty when the snow is clean and white and sparkly, but when it gets dirty and compacted and the stuff from the roads is thrown on top... yuck. Soon!

    Medeia - I usually do! I've been sick a few times and that's hard - I really despise geting ill! Not a good patient :)

  36. I hear you on the February Blahs! It's March as of today, and these past couple of weeks have been our worst weather all winter. Something happy for me is that I'm really loving going back to college and I'm almost halfway through my first semester.

  37. MP - yay!!! :)

    Susan - it's been a weird winter for sure! And that's awesome that you're enjoying it so much! I love to hear stories like that! :)

  38. Hi Jemi,

    If winter's here can spring be far behind?

  39. send us some of that snow, we haven't seen it much this winter here in Central Europe

  40. Nas - probably not - even when it feels really far away! :)

    Dezzy - This is our heaviest snowfall in years - just like when we were kids again! We'd gladly share :)

  41. Ah Jemi, I have finally arrived. February has gone and March will fill your heart with the promise of the impending spring.

    Be well, smile and enjoy your weekend.

    Gary :)

  42. I love that now when I go out I can hear the birds singing -- a great sign of spring. I can't wait till I can type without freezing hands!

    It is the end of winter and the beginning of spring -- the best time of the year!

    Hope all these wonderful comments have aided in your blah's!

    Nice to meet you Jemi!

  43. Gary - yay! And you're right - it's really around the corner - just hard to remember sometimes :)

    Yolanda - nice to meet you too - and the comments have definitely helped. The snowbanks have shrunk a little too which also helps. I hope our birds are on the way as well!

  44. The first of March is officially autumn my end of the world!
    The weather is glorious!

  45. Michelle - I love autumn - the crispness of the air is awesome! So, I'm going to channel some of your autumn for myself! :)

  46. My oldest daughter is studying English at university, and has given me a great recommendation for a book. I can't wait to read it!

  47. It must be winter because I've been feeling the blahs too and I really have no reason.

    I need some sunshine!

  48. Beth - It's so much fun to find books you and your daughter can share! Awesome :)

    Jennifer - Agreed! It's sunny today and I'm chalk full of energy! :)