Monday, July 21, 2014

Double Negative by C. Lee Mckenzie

The lovely and talented C. Lee McKenzie has a new book coming out!

Double Negative

Hutchison Mc Queen is a sixteen-year-old smart kid who screws up regularly. Hes a member of Larkston Highs loser clique, the boy whos on his way to nowhereunless juvenile hall counts as a destination. He squeaks through classes with his talent for eavesdropping and memorizing what he hears. When that doesnt work, he goes to Fat Nyla, the one some mean girls are out to get and a person whos in on his secrethe can barely read. And then Maggie happens. For twenty-five years shes saved boys from their own bad choices. But she may not have time to save Hutch. Alzheimers disease is steadily stealing her keen mind.

Doesn't that sound awesome? Can't wait!!

Amazon (available this Friday July 25th!!)

If you haven't met Lee yet, here's where you can find her:
Website     Blog      Facebook

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Just for fun, I tossed 3 Favourite  questions at Lee

Favorite beverage: That’s a time sensitive question. Coffee AM. Wine PM.

Favorite season: Summer. I get to eat fresh tomatoes.

Favorite high school course: Don’t laugh, but I loved geometry. Something about those theorums

(I totally get the theorum addiction - I love Math!)

How about you? Love Math too? Or those fresh tomatoes? Hoping Maggie can reach Hutch in time?


  1. Lee, I should've had you do my geometry for me in high school then.
    Four more days and your book is out!

  2. Lee, congratulations on your upcoming release. Your book sounds amazing on so many levels. Wishing you much success. I also love you choice of beverages.

    Jemi, thanks for the introduction to Lee and her fascinating book.

  3. Oh, this book sounds so good! Congrats on the upcoming release!

    ...I really did not like geometry, though. One of my worst subjects ever! :P

  4. Alex, geometry was the last math class I loved.

    Diane, I share the coffee. Wine I've been know to be selfish with.

    Thanks for comment, Mason. Hope people do find the book interesting.

    My theory is you either love geometry or you hate it. Thanks for your good wishes, Shelley.

  5. Alex - geometry has such a bad rep!

    Diane - me too!

    Mason - it truly does!

    Shelley - I love those angles :)

    Lee - thanks so much for visiting today! :)

  6. What an interesting story! Congratulations to Lee!

  7. Your cover becomes more interesting every time I look at it! It just makes you want to put your arms around troubled Hutch! I only survived geometry, because I got extra points on the vocabulary. Congrats Lee! Thanks Jemi!


  8. Elizabeth - agreed!

    Julie - it really is a great cover!

  9. This sounds like such a good book. the cover looks perfect. Putting it on my Amazon list.

    Not much into math ... but I do LOVE fresh tomatoes :)

  10. This sounds like such a good book. the cover looks perfect.

  11. Math scares me. It's the monster that lurks under the bed... ;)

    Congrats on your new book!! I love your stories so I know this one will be just as good.

  12. I couldn't stand geometry, but I loved algebra and calculus.

    I can't wait to read this book.

  13. Carol - nothing quite like tomatoes fresh off the vine! :)

    Kelly - it totally matches the blurb - love it!

    Lynda - I pegged you for a math girl!

    Medeia - me neither - it sounds awesome! :)

  14. Lee's book sounds awesome! So happy to see the cover all over the blogosphere. :) Wishing her the best of luck.

    I agree with Lee about tomatoes- but geometry. No thanks- the theorums might have been my least favorite part! :)

  15. Hey Jemi,

    How's it goin' eh?

    Aha, I note that my celebrity author friend is being featured on your wonderful site. This is awesome.

    Interesting cover and I reckon that Lee's book will be flying off the bookshelves on July 25. Of course, if they literally flew off the bookshelves, one must be careful.

    You loved geometry, Lee? That figures.

    Good of you to spell in American, Jemi LOL A "favorite" past time :)

    Did you know I'm Lee's starstuckest fan and she's eagerly waiting for a comment from me on her site. This mean, I'm outta' here.

    Good luck and congrats to Lee.

    Gary :)

  16. Jess - poor Pythagorus doesn't seem very popular with the writing set! :)

    Gary - I'm always getting my American/Canadian spellings mixed up now! :)

  17. Lee, I LOVED geometry too :-))))

  18. Hated maths. Still do. Love tomatoes. Also love coffee and wine :)

    Double Negative sounds like a good read. I wish you well, Lee!

    Hi Jemi :)

  19. Congrats to Lee! :)

    I love her answer to the beverage question!

  20. Mmm, fresh tomatoes. I hated math in high school, but I loved pretty much all science--except physics. Too much math!

    Best of luck to Lee!

  21. Agnes - yay! Another math fan :)

    Wendy - Hi! it does sound like a great read!

    Kelly - me too :)

    Jeff - I loved all those ones - except biology - no good at cutting things up :)

  22. Maths? A no-go zone!
    Tomatoes? Yep, especially the tiny rosa tomatoes in a fresh salad. Yummy!
    Congrats Lee! you've done it - AGAIN!

  23. I think I'll write a story about a kid who loves geometry and tomatoes. That should be interesting.

    I enjoyed reading all the comments on Jemi's post. Thanks again. And thanks to Jemi for hosting me.

  24. Double Negative sounds interesting.

    Math is okay but fresh summer tomatoes are awesome.

  25. Loved learning more about Lee. And her new book sounds fantastic.

  26. Just to make it clear, geometry was my last loved math class. After that math and I weren't a match.

  27. Lee's book sounds wonderfully multi-layered. I can totally see the appeal of geometry. There was something almost mystical contemplating that lines and planes can go on infinitely.

  28. Michelle - love those salads too!

    Linda - love those tomatoes too :)

    Natalie - it does!!

    Laurel - so true! And finding measures of angles in complex designs - so much fun :)

  29. Congratulations to Lee! It sounds like a really interesting mix of characters. :)

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