Friday, August 15, 2014

Spread the Happy

Sometimes the world is full of sad.

Many recent events/tragedies have been very difficult to understand or believe.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by tragedy and grief and worry.
It's easy to forget that joy and laughter and hope are just as real.
And just as important.

Our news sources have the responsibility to bring us the devastation, but I wish they took their responsibility to bring us the joys as seriously.

Sadness and grief and fear can be contagious.
And sometimes a cycle is created, bringing more and more grief.

But a smile can be contagious too.
So can hope.
So can love.

It's easy to forget that we are capable of changing the world. It's easy to feel small and insignificant.

We're not.

Every act of kindness,
every dollar donated,
every smile shared,
every person reached,
every hand offered,
every compliment given,
every person heard (really heard),
every heart opened,

Go out and share yours.

Spread the happy.


  1. One person can make a difference, and you might be that one and only person in someone's life that day. God put us here to spread light, not darkness.

  2. Wonderful sentiment! We need to be the positive.

  3. Jemi, a very inspiring post. We all need to share more happiness. Sometimes that smile or kind word from a stranger does make a difference.

  4. I think the news should add a segment at the end: "And now for some happier news..." in which they tell us about all the good things that are happening in the world because I bet there's a lot more than we think; it just doesn't get to the front page.

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  6. Alex - exactly! you never know most of the good you do with a smile!

    Thanks Jeff

    Diane - perfectly said!

    Mason - it truly does!

    Marcy - that's so true. The negative always sells more papers, but I wish that wasn't true!

  7. Perfect post. Yesterday was my husband's birthday and we were able to have five of six children around to celebrate. One is working out of town but he called my husband twice during the day. I spent the day feeling like the luckiest person in the world. There was enough love to carry us all through until we're together again.

  8. A lovely post. I had exactly that (sad) feeling as I was reading the paper a couple of days ago. Lots of difficult news everywhere. Love the idea of spreading the happy!

  9. Thanks Sherrie!

    Susan - that's so wonderful!! Having almost everyone together is awesome and having the phone in makes it pretty much perfect :)

    Beth - there's been so many sad stories lately. I worry about those who can't climb out of the grief cycle

  10. It's those small gestures that I appreciate more than the grand ones. Beautifully said.

  11. Honestly, after everything I went through in my life, from poverty, wars, bombings, hunger, lack of jobs and especially with today's hopeless political and moral situation in which reality is nothing but political propaganda I don't believe in happiness anymore. And I'm sorry to sound so pessimistic.

  12. Lee - me too. I think those small gestures are what make us human.

    Dezzy - I'm so sorry! My parents grew up in a war situation, but not like what many in the world are living with or have lived with. We need to somehow take back our humanity that is so lacking in so many areas of the world and change the reality of people's situations. I hope things improve in your area and I hope you find your happy somehow! *hugs*

    Elizabeth - glad to help :)

  13. You're absolutely right of course, when you say, 'a smile can be contagious too.'

    However, I must say, what with the endless wars and all manner of horrors happening in the world as we speak, it is getting harder and harder.

    Thoughtful post, Jemi.

  14. Wendy - there are so many horrors. I hope our next generations can fix some of the messes that have been created!!

  15. Excellent, Jemi. Just wonderful!

  16. We need to spread the happy more often...everyday in fact. Fantastic post.

  17. Carol - thanks!

    Medeia - thank you - and we do indeed!

  18. Beautiful post, because a little bit of joy does matter and it does make a difference.

  19. Very nice Jemi. Very nice.

  20. I love this! It is so important to spread smiles and laughter. :) Thanks for the reminder.

  21. Thanks Jess - smiles can mean so much more than people sometimes realize