Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring & Revising

Spring has truly reached us here in Northern Ontario!!!

Once the tulips start popping, it feels as if we've turned or back on the snow.
Cross your fingers!!!

I'm deep in the midst of revising one story while another simmers.
Once I've done another round on the simmering one, it'll be off to the beta readers
& I'll head back to this one.

How about you? Drafting, revising or marketing?
Where are you at this beautiful spring day?


  1. Gorgeous photos! And I'm glad spring has sprung!
    I'm agent-hunting. Wish me luck!

  2. Hope your spring is there to stay. (It is MAY after all.)
    Busy promoting right now...

  3. Pretty flowers.

    I'm working on a first draft.

  4. Finally! This winter felt so long, didn't it?

    I'm doing very little, writing-wise, since I just moved across the country a week ago and I've got a lot of unpacking to do. But I'm still making time to critique for my CPs, and once I'm more settled in, I'll return to editing. :)

  5. I've just sent off half a dozen submissions. Wish me luck!

    Oh, and I wish you luck too, Jemi. I suspect we're both going to need it :)

  6. Beth - wishing you the very best of it!!

    Alex - and doing it well! We've had snow in June - but it never stays :)

    Elizabeth - love the drafting - can't wait to hear about your new genre :)

    Diane - love those 1st drafts!!! My favourite!

    Shelley - take your time - you'll need to recover from that move! Hope it all went well :)

    Wendy - we will!! And I am :)

  7. ooh, such lovely tulips! Ours have bloomed long time ago along with lilacs and dafodils and now it is time for irises

  8. Revise drafting. This is the stage where I'm sitting with my printed MS, a sheet with beta comments, and my pen making wonderful scribbles, X's, marginal 'WFT?s' and covering it with enough post-it notes for an OfficeMax. Great flowers up there--have fun with this round of revising!

  9. Dezzy - we're a bit behind you, but my daffodils are up. Scraggly though, so no pics :)

    Jeff - I will! I generally do it all online, but I like the way you do it too - might try that this time :)

  10. Hey Jemi,

    How's it goin', eh? :)

    Spring is now happening in Northern Ontario? Does this mean you can hang up your snowshoes until September!?

    Tulips are a popping away. Lovely photos, Jemi.

    For beta or for worse, you are doing well. I'm getting Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar to do my revising. Good doggy! :)

    Take care, eh and enjoy the spring.

    Gary :)

  11. Hi Jemi! Don't those flowers put a spring in your heart! Make you feel good to be alive. Lets hope no more snow for you. I wouldn't mind some, lol! Hope your revising goes well.:-)

  12. Gary - I need Penny to give me a hand too! Yes, the snowshoes and the dogsled and the mukluks are put away for a few months :) Have a great day!

    Denise - they do!! Love tulips! Hope you're having fun with your writing as well :)

    Harvee - thanks - they're my favourite!

  13. I'm all over the place with querying, submitting, and revising.

    Looks like you're on a roll.

    Beautiful pictures.

  14. Beautiful photos! Glad that the tulips are making it feel like spring has truly arrived. :)

    Good luck with the revising and ms simmering!

  15. I love seeing tulips everywhere, and lilacs and daffodils. FINALLY spring is here.

  16. Medeia - I'm trying! :)

    Jess - I'm loving the stories - and hoping I can pull them all together :)

    Julie - I know!!! There's not much better than spring flowers :)

  17. So pretty! I'm still drafting. I'll be mostly drafting all year except for spots of first round revisions here and there.

  18. I love those tulips. Such a cheeful color and yes, it says spring.

    Actually, I'm doing some revisions in between a lot of hours on my day job. Fortunately, I work from my home office but still, many days I don't know head from my foot. It does impact on my writing.

    But I am enjoying spring! I'm outside as much as I can be. Taking long walks. I have an 18 year old cat that loves to walk with me but we tend to stay close to the house rather than walking my walking track. Today, she went out on her own to her favorite snoozing spot and got caught in a sudden downpour. It was a short one, about 15 mins. When it slowed down to just sprinkling here came my drenched Shadow and wanting inside and her sleeping box. I'm just glad she's still with me and relatively healthy.

    Enjoy your spring.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  19. Our tulips are long gone, I'm afraid. However, revising in the operative word here this month.

  20. Carol - drafting all year sounds like a slice of heaven - enjoy!!

    Sia - poor Shadow! She must have been glad to be inside! Glad she's still healthy and enjoying life with you :)

    Lee - I love tulips & ours are still in fine form Yay! Good luck with that revising!!

  21. You'd think it would be easier to do things in winter, when you have to be shut in, but something about the warm weather just gives you more energy and motivation. In my case it does help that summer is the only time I can do any editing at all; a packed schedule makes you prioritize!

  22. Ethan - it truly does! I do love those 'down' times (which are comparatively down, not truly down :))