Monday, June 15, 2015

Joys of June

Halfway through June already! Crazy how time is flying this year. Probably a side effect of life trying to swallow me whole.

Only two weeks left in the school year - and I can't wait to dig into the two stories I'm working on. I never have much time for writing in June, and this year I've had to add in a lot of physio therapy as well as home exercises (old high school injuries have come back to haunt me with a vengeance!!!), and some home renovations that have grown from the original plans (as per usual).

So, for now, the stories are mostly marinating in my head, then short scenes are exploding onto paper when I have a chance to write. A definite plus of being busy is when I do have time to write, there's no such thing as writer's block.

How about you? Does writer's block drive you nuts? Do your scenes explode out of you as well? Is your life completely bonkers at the moment? If so, sending hugs and chocolate!


  1. This is my first day of work after vacation, which always sucks.
    Sorry old injuries are bothering you.
    Two weeks and you'll have time to write!

  2. My daughter is the one who is supposed to be busy, though I feel like I'm doing all the running around! Hang in there, Jemi, it's almost done!

  3. Sorry your injuries are bothering you. And yes, the end of the school year is always busy, though Anna Li graduated the beginning of the month. I'm looking forward to summer slowing down.

  4. June is a crazy time for teachers, but I'm glad you've got those stories marinating. Hopefully this summer will be a fertile writing time for both of us!
    And as for writers' block, I sometimes experience it between projects, but once I get going, not so much.

  5. Wait, what? Half of June? I thought the year itself started like yesterday!!!

  6. June has flown past for me, too! It's crazy: I feel like I've got a lot done, but also that I need to do a lot more and I'm running out of time. Maybe it's just a symptom of getting older?! ;-)

  7. School still isn't out for you? The kids here had their last day on Friday, which is still really late.

  8. I'm still working until Friday. Then school's out for the summer!!!

    I've been lucky so far. I don't have writer's block. However, I often have more ideas than I can handle.

    Good to see (well you know)you again.

  9. My whole summer is crazy with family things going on. But as usual, when I'm really busy, my writing seems to go pretty good. June is flying by.

  10. Good luck with the end of the school year!

    I've just started a new project, but I haven't had much time to work on it. So, like you, I've just been thinking a lot about it, and then writing like crazy when I finally do have the time. We'll make progress however we can!

  11. Last week was my first week of vacation. Summer vacation goes by fast, so I'm making the most of my time. Have a fantastic summer.

  12. Hope the PT is helping! When isn't my life bonkers? Hope the end of the school year comes quick!!

  13. Hugs and chocolate gleefully accepted! I'm editing. Need I say more? You'll soon be free :)

  14. Alex - can't wait! Hope you had a great vacation :)

    Jeff - that info doesn't come in the parents' manual! It's all about the running around :)

    Natalie - yes - everyone is on such different schedules - looking forward to our break!

    Beth - me neither - It's mostly me recognizing where I've gone wrong :)

    Dezzy - exactly! It's crazy fast this year!

    Hayley - probably - but I'm ignoring that contributing factor!! :)

    Diane - always the last day in June! Which can be forever sometimes :)

    Teresa - I do know! I'm the same - so many ideas, so little time :)

    Susan - that often works for me as well - have fun!

    Shelley - yes we will! :)

    Medeia - to you as well. You manage your time so well - hoping to do the same!

    Ava - never! :P The PT is helping, but it also hurts a lot too! But it's getting better slowly :)

    Carol - yay! Can't wait!

  15. Hi Jemi,

    Sorry you've had to go through a bunch of physiotherapy. Not exactly fun.

    Actually, there really isn't such a thing as writer's block, or blogger's block. Even though I've been rather inconsistent with writing due to ongoing exhaustion, I do know that just by talking about writer's block and turning it into a sentence, followed by another sentence, that one realises that the block aint really happening. Run-on sentences help.....

    My life is completely bonkers, all the time. May I have some Purdys chocolate, please, eh? :)


  16. Hi Jemi

    Thanks for the hugs and chocolate. Like you, I have 2 weeks of term to go, then I'm off on holidays to New Caledonia for 2 weeks. Bring it on! I enjoy the end of term. Much more relaxed.

    Denise :-)

  17. Best of luck with your writing when you do get time Jemi! June is such a hectic time of year with school events, but I'm hoping to up a gear when they've finished. I tend to get moments where I just can't focus on my writing because of all the other stuff taking up brain space, rather than writer's block-and like you, when I get a window, I do tend to go for it :-).

  18. I'm still in disbelief that June is halfway over. I wish time would slow down!

    How exciting about those two stories of yours, though. Hope you're able to write heaps once you have the time to focus on them properly!

  19. Gary - any kind of chocolate you like! Maybe some Rolos??? Don't think they have those across the pond :)

    Denise - I'm waiting for the relaxed part - not quite there yet :)

    Anita - and it's so much fun when that happens. Unfortunately, the tiredness is winning right now - but not much time and I'll be able to really focus :)

    Heather - I know! It's been crazy fast. I'm having a blast with the stories - hope I still love them in a few weeks :)

  20. Hope you're feeling better. I love to hear that stories are popping up nicely for you. That's a great feeling. May your summer be productive and peaceful. :)