Monday, August 24, 2009

New Ideas

I’ve been revising and editing for months and months. For the most part I enjoy both of these tasks. It’s exciting to see how each change improves the story or the flow or the characterization. But...

I’ve also got a lot of ideas for new stories rolling around in my head, trying desperately to get out. I work out parts of the story before I put anything at all down on my laptop. The first scenes I imagine are the ones at the end of the story - the culmination scenes. From there I develop the main character, then the other characters. The setting is usually interwoven throughout these scenes, but I start fine-tuning it at this point. Then I jump backwards to the beginning part of the story.

I know where the characters end up. I just need to start writing so I can find out how they get there.

So, what comes first when you get a new idea: the ending, the beginning, the setting or the characters?


  1. I always start with just the beginning, and if I'm lucky, a hint of what's to come. I've given up on plotting since my characters refuse to obey.

  2. I love the way your characters take off on their own! Mine do that too, but to a much lesser extent. I'm still working out the beginning for my new story - but the ending is in much better shape :)