Friday, March 9, 2012


The lovely Jacqueline Gardner tagged me while my computer was away in the hands of the Repair Gods & Goddesses - the first time. If you haven't met Jacque yet, please pop on over and introduce yourself! :)

1. What is your dream vacation?
I'd love to go on an African photo safari. I'd especially love to see the silverbacks in the Rwandan mountains, but there are so many amazing sights to see there. We're doing so much damage to our planet and our fellow species, I don't know how much longer they'll be around.

2. Are you spontaneous or do you like to plan ahead?
A little bit of both. In my job, I'm an overplanner, but I don't always follow the plan. As long as I have the plan in place in my head, I have no problems changing it. That gives me the best of both worlds. :)

3. Tell us one thing you want to do but don't dare do it.
I'm not the bravest person in the world, so this changes. But I never thought I'd write a manuscript or a blog either - and I certainly never thought I'd be brave enough to query an agent, so whatever's on that list, might not be there for long!

4. What's your biggest phobia?
Snakes. *shudder* They don't have legs! 'Nuff said.

5. If you were stranded on a desert island-what three things would you want with you? (Not including your laptop or family)
My Kindle, my iPod (both with neverending batteries!) and a barrel full of sunscreen!

6. Name three blessings in your life.
My family, my job and my imagination.

7. What was your nickname in High School?
Finnegan. Long story :)

8. If you could meet the President of the United States, what would you say to him?
Hmm, I think I'll add the Canadian Prime Minister into the meeting. I'd ask them both why kids and their welfare aren't the number one priority. And I'd tell them to start fixing that.

9. If you could be any literary character, who would you be?
Tough one! I think I'd choose to be Lessa - dragon rider of Pern.

10. What is your favorite quote?
Be the change you want to see in the world. - Gandhi
I've had this quote up in every classroom I've had. Love it!

So, choose one question and tell me what your answer would be.
My computer is back in Repair Land *sigh*, so I may be a little slow responding until it returns!


  1. So you fancy being a dragonrider, huh?
    Hey, I never thought I'd write a book or start a blog either. Strange things happen sometimes.
    And sorry your computer is down AGAIN. That just sucks.

  2. Alex - it really does suck! Those shiny new ones are mocking me at this point! :)

  3. I'd love to go on an African safari too. And I quite agree about how much damage the human race is doing - and has done ...

    I never thought in my wildest dreams I'd have a blog - or write a book either. Never say never!

    Well, that's it from me, Dragon Rider!

  4. Wendy - tee hee - it would be so amazing to ride a gold! :) Never say never should be our new motto!

  5. Hi Jemi,
    Interesting response to number 8 and thus, "So 'please' choose one question and tell me what your answer would be."
    Well then um number 8, I would ask the President of the U.S. of A why there are a number of folks in the States who don't get the concept of universal healthcare. Before I get too political, I shall go back to my shy and humble blog.
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

  6. I really would like to see the world too, not just Africa though it would be top on my list.
    Love your quote. Hope your computer stops misbehaving.

  7. Gary - I love your question too. Universal health care needs to be truly universal. There is no need for people to be suffereing when we have the ability to do so much more.

    Susan - I'd love to do a world tour. There are so many incredible places in the world - so many amazing people to meet. Just need a few more dollars in the bank first! :)

  8. That just sucks having your computer down again! I'm so sorry!!! So let's see, (I actually got tagged so I should save myself but here goes...) Favorite quote: "It's magic here. There are angels in the spray, wizards in the palm trees, and elves in the seashells. And they all look very favorable on struggling... writers." a writer on Key West. (Thought you'd appreciate it since you stopped by Michael's today and saw his post)

  9. Fun post! If I could be any literary character, I think I'd choose Miss Marple. She was one cool sleuth!

  10. Beautiful quote. Inspiring actually. As for Lessa, she is my secret hearts desire too. Spunky, self confident, dangerous. And a Dragon Rider. What's not to love.

    Good luck getting your computer fixed.


  11. Hi Jemi! Yay for being tagged! What fun Q&A too! Bet there's a great story behind your nickname at high school!! :-)

    Take care

  12. jemi, head over to the apple store for a new laptop - you won't regret it... once you go MAC, you NEVER go back ;)

    finnegan, eh? bad haircut like the dog puppet in 'casey and finnegan'? :P

  13. Great quote!

    Love the answers, especially the desert island and the talk with the Prime Minister.

  14. Danette - I love it! Michael's quote is absolutely perfect! :) I'm hoping the computer is up and about real soon too!

    Pat - Miss Marple is an awesome choice! I feel in love with her when she solved that train mystery! Paddington something or other I think :)

    Donna - yay! Another Lessa fan - wouldn't it be amazing to live on Pern? Love it!

    Old Kitty - it's actually just kind of a weird story - nothing exciting. You know high school!

    Laughing Wolf - kind of like that! I loved Casey & Finnegan! Mr Dressup was my favourite :) If I could afford the Mac, I would *sigh*

    Clarissa - thanks! That Gandhi quote always inpires my students. An amazing man! :)

  15. I'm like you...I don't mind being spontaneous as long as I have a back up PLAN in place! Love learning more about you! :)

  16. I love that quote too. So cool you hang it in your classrooms.
    Jemi - new laptops are always on sale! For the amount of time you spend with one, it may be a good investment to check out Staples or something!
    Character I'd like to be - Ayla from Valley of the Horses.

  17. DL - thanks! It's always good to have a backup plan! :)

    Terry - I'm actually heading up there today to have a look around. My one is still under warranty so I hate spending the money, but at this point I need something!

  18. I totally agree with your answer to #8.

    #1...South of France with side trips into Spain and Italy and a visit to the Louvre.

  19. Yvonne - all these politicians really have to get on the right page at some point! I think I might just join you on your trip! :)

  20. Hi Jemi,
    Love that Gandhi quote also. So sorry about your computer. Hope it can get fixed.

  21. Karen - thanks! Me too - it's been over a month now *sigh*

  22. My dream vacation would be a month in the Greek Islands. With my camera. That would be Heaven :)

  23. Ms Hatch - Greek islands would be a real treat! I've had a friend go there and the pictures are stunning! :)

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  25. (Sorry, previous comment totally had the wrong link at the bottom!)

    I used to have recurring nightmares about snakes, so I totally get that phobia! And I've driven through several game reserves in South Africa, but a proper African photo safari would be AMAZING!

    xx Rachel

  26. Love your desert island answers. I think I'd do the same, though I might have to exchange the ipod for my puppies (they're small so they count as one, right?).

    Hope your poor laptop comes back FIXED this time around! It's terrible but I can't imagine life without mine. First world problems, huh?

  27. What is your dream vacation?
    Answer: New Zealand

    I've heard it's beautiful!

    My heart goes out to you with your laptop problems. I know whereof you speak. My tech guy, whom I will never go back to, took 3 months with mine.

  28. Rachel - you're so lucky! I'd love to do it one of these days. Maybe that'll be my retirement gift to myself! :)

    Mary - exactly! I keep reminding myself there are much worse problems to have! But it's so frustrating. And you'd HAVE to bring your pups - so I think they'd count as 1 :)

    Helen - 3 months just sent me into a tailspin of terror!!! When you head to NZ, let me know - I'd love to jump into your suitcase!

  29. I LOVE that Ghandi quote! Excellent! I'll take #6 - 3 blessings - my faith, my family, my writing - wherever it may take me - for now it has brought me escape, pleasure, entertainment, and friendship! All of which is pretty awesome! But I wouldn't complain if it brought me some income too!

  30. Would it be weird if I said I'd want to be Jaxom? Riding a white dragon would be amazing.

  31. Beth - I hear you! Some income would be very, very nice! Good luck with that :)

    Diane - It wouldn't be weird at all! He's one of my backup choices! :)

  32. Jacque - you're very welcome! I hope you have some new visitors!! :)

  33. Love learning more about you. Especially loved your quote. So natch you won't be visiting Oz any time soon, although the snake problem isn't as bad as they make out, lol.


  34. Denise - I'd love to visit Oz - even with the snakes, but I might need to see a hypnotist first! :)

  35. I think your computer wants to break up with you. Remember we learn something from every relationship. You two can still be friends. I'd be Wendy in Peter Pan, but I would have stayed in Neverland.

  36. This morning, I would want to be Molly Weasley - it would be lovely to have all those kids underfoot and a magical house that cleans itself!

  37. "As long as I have the plan in place in my head, I have no problems changing it."

    That sounds just like me.

    And as far as nicknames go, Finnegan's not a bad one. All my life I've been called anything that goes with my name -- Shell Bell, Shelley Bean (like jelly bean), etc.

  38. Leslie - that's a great choice! Wendy in Neverland would be such fun! :) And I'm now cheating on my old laptop with a new replacement! :)

    Jennie - oooo, great choice!! I love Molly - and that magical cleaning would be so appreciated right now! :)

    Shelley - I knew a Shelley in high school who was Shelley Bean too :) It's fun to switch up the plans - but I really like having those plans in place first! :)

  39. Computer problems. : (

    I'm choosing question #4 - my biggest phobia is spiders. I freak out a bit when I see them. But get this - I'll still watch movies about spiders. So what's up with that??


  40. Susanne - wow - I can't watch movies about snakes. I don't mind spiders though. They have legs - so they're okay! :)