Friday, May 3, 2013

When I Grow Up...

When you're a kid, people are always asking what you want to do when you grow up. It's exciting to think about the future and dream. Kids can hope without boundaries and dream really big. In my opinion, those are some of the best kinds of dreams. As we become older, our dreams become constrained by logistics and life in general. Too bad.

Like most kids, I dreamed big and dreamed often. Some people have always known what they wanted to do with their lives. Not me. Almost everything seemed enticing (still does). Over the years some of the jobs I dreamed of were pretty diverse:
  • marine biologist
  • rancher
  • sports reporter or analyst
  • physicist
  • librarian
  • photographer
  • producer/director of Broadway plays or movies
  • cartoonist or animator
  • computer programmer
  • researcher
  • chef or baker
  • psychologist or art therapist for kids
  • scientist in the field of artificial intelligence
  • special effects person for the movies
  • astronaut
  • photojournalist for National Geographic
  • athlete (tennis or volleyball, sadly I definitely lacked the talent!)
  • and, of course, writer and teacher
That's only part of the list of the careers I seriously considered - I do have eclectic tastes! Obviously I drove my parents batty over the years delving into all kinds of topics and career research. It took me forever to make a decision!!! And who knows what I'll try once I retire from teaching!

I'm over at From the Write Angle today talking about the life/growth cycle of dreams. I hope you'll join the discussion!

So, out of curiosity, what were your dreams when you were a little one? What did you want to 'be'?


  1. Honestly? I wanted to be president until I spent my first three years of college as a political science major. I learned politics is a nasty, ugly business in which doing what's right always plays second fiddle to keeping others from doing what's wrong. An important role, no question, but not the one I envisioned growing up. :)

    VR Barkowski

  2. Have fun guest posting. I really enjoyed your diverse list of career options. I wanted to be a songwriter first, I remember writing lyrics - and singing them - in the back garden when I was about six. Then, I wanted to be a nurse but I discovered needles and blood make me do-the-Bella ;) After that I wanted to write poetry or "books" - some things never change ;)

  3. That is a wide variety. I would've said rock star but even as a kid I was smart enough to look at the lifestyle and say no way!

  4. I love the variety on your list! And that you have so many interests.

    After 2nd grade, I ever wanted to be was a writer. :) I knew I wasn't good at anything else (sad to say, but at least I was perceptive!) Before 2nd grade, I wanted to be an archeologist.

  5. VR - I never was interested in politics or any kind - probably knew I was too shy and awkward for it! :)

    Elaine - love it! The medical field never enticed me either. I don't mind needles, but really don't need to see the inner workings of the body!

    Alex - so true. I love music as well but the lifestyle is most definitely not up my alley! :)

    Elizabeth - too funny! I'd forgotten archeologist on my list! I love the idea of digging up the past!

  6. Marine biologist was definitely on my list at one time. In fifth or sixth grade, my friend and I dissected a dogfish he had caught. It was quite cool, though messy and smelly.

  7. Being the jock I was, I wanted to play major league baseball.
    I changed my major from premed to teaching in college because I couldn't stand all those hours in the lab while everyone else was outside enjoying the sun.

  8. I didn't have super big dreams back then. But I do agree that adult responsibilities limit them. It's sad but I have to tell my teenage daughter with the economy the way it is to pick something marketable.

  9. I wanted to be an archeologist, then an actress, then a wildlife photographer.

  10. I wanted to be tall and skinny. Didn't happen.

    (Oh, that's not a profession?)

  11. Lots of things. I distinctly remember wanting to be a singer, painter, and boater at age 6. Simultaneously, of course.

  12. Jeff - marine biology is awesome! I still wouldn't mind studying it. I wanted to work with the live creatures and study how they live/work/play in their environments!

    Susan - playing the majors would be awesome! And you're right - there's just something about being outside that sparks us!

    Natalie - I know! I hate that our world isn't at the stage where we're all free to delve into our passions. Some day!

    Lee - an archaelogist is another one I'd love! And wildlife photographer is at the top!!

    Linda - I'm still hoping for that - but it's just not happening!! :P

    Golden Eagle - of course! When we're little there are no limitations - and I wish it could stay that way!

  13. I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up!

    Sadly, life is galloping by at a rapid rate of knots - and still my biggest dream of all (to be an author) is out of my reach ... thus far :(

  14. Wendy - but it's still there! And I bet you're edging closer every day! :) It's amazing how quickly life travels - can't let it pass us by!

  15. Impressive and varied list!

    I have my old diary and I wrote that I wanted to be a teacher, an actress, a veterinarian, a singer, or a pet store lady. :)

    I became a teacher that has two dogs who sings karaoke!

  16. Kelly - a pet store lady would be awesome too! I love that you've integrated some of those dreams into your real life!! So great :)

  17. Sounds familiar! In high school, we were given a career guide. I went through and highlighted every second occupation ranging from actress to optometrist. Then I went on to flutter through a very diverse range of careers. I wouldn't change a thing from my eclectic resume - it's all great inspiration for stories.

    My hubby is the opposite. He studied a double degree in sciences and has stayed in an environmental science career his whole life and I could not imagine him doing anything else!

  18. Charmaine - it's so great to have so many dreams! And I love the background it's given me for writing as well. So many great things out there to learn!

    Good for your hubby! Having that singular drive is a great thing to have as well! Love that we're all so different! :)

  19. Well, I wanted to be an archaeologist (spelling?) a psychologist, travel writer, zoologist...until I found out I would have to shovel...anyway, I even wanted to be in the circus! Well, I teach...that's a little of them all!

  20. Teacher Mom - as a fellow teacher I agree! It is like having a bundle of careers in one! The shovelling would not be my favourite part either! :)

  21. All my life I wanted to be a veterinarian. I would jump from marine animals to exotics on a wildlife preserve. I thought about teaching. I also wanted to be an artist, a cop, a model (although I totally don't have the right build for it), a journalist. Now my dreams are to be published & someday have adorable kids.

  22. Megan - and you'll get there! It's fun to think how our dreams change and transform and develop as we do the same! If I had more talent art would have an career I'd love too!

  23. My childhood/teen dreams were:actress, writer, Maxwell Smart's secret agent partner, resident of Neverland, major league short stop, astronaut, olympic gymnast, ballerina

    Hmm - teacher never popped up. Funny how things work out.

  24. That's quite a diverse list!
    I think that I've always wanted to teach... for as long as I can remember... and that's the reason why I still do it part-time.

  25. Leslie - agent 99 is a great choice! I loved her too! Teacher didn't pop up until much later for me either!

    Michelle - I love teaching - it's great to have a job I love getting up for in the morning! :)

  26. I thought about being an astronaut and artist the most.

  27. Medeia - even then I knew I didn't have the talent to be an artist - but I always wanted to! :)

  28. ...always a hot question that's tossed around the playground ;)

    If memory serves, my list was reasonably short, as I remained consistent throughout those early years.

    I wanted to be a professional athlete, a hoopster in the NBA to be exact. And the other...I wanted to be a writer. I said, consistent.

    Hey Jemi, I tagged you over at my "scratch pad" for an award. If you'd like, hop on over and check it out ;)


  29. Elliot - exactly! I always thought I could do volleyball or tennis for a living too - sadly that talent portion was lacking!

    Thanks you! I'll pop on over!! :)

  30. Wow! Jemi! You really had a full list! I wanted to be a doctor ever since I remember, then I had to grow up!

    I received scholarship to study in different country, but my mom wouldn't send me as she said a young girl alone in a new country wouldn't be good. Hence I grew up!

  31. Nas - sometimes growing up stinks! I can understand your mom's pov, but that must have been hard!

  32. Great list!

    When I was in kindergarten, I wanted to be an archeologist or an opera singer. After that, there was nothing else besides becoming a teacher. I did that for a decade. Now I want to be a writer when I grow up. We'll see if that dream comes true.

  33. I wanted to be a teacher and a writer. I've taught kids in school and I've been pubbed as a short story/article writer a few times. So I guess I got my wish.

    Lovely post, Jemi!


  34. Aloha!

    Hey, now... Teachers are the salt of the Earth and y'all should be earning what professional athletes make, I swear!

    PS... if you haven't seen Alex's post, congrats :)

  35. Ava - I'm sure it will! I love my teaching job although that dream didn't come until much later - almost by accident :)

    Maria - love it! You're living the dream! :)

    Mark - aloha! I love my job - I smile on my way to and from work every day :) (Off to see Alex...)

  36. i was a bit boring back then. Wanted to be a doctor or an astronaut.:D

  37. I dreamed about becoming a lighthouse keeper. Congratulations on your CassaStorm win!

  38. As a teacher, I bet you've dabbled in many of those jobs that you listed. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, by the way! : )

    I had dreams of being a jockey... Until I grew too tall. Ah, well.

  39. Nutschell - those aren't the least boring! I never had the stomach for medical stuff - total wimp here!

    Spacer Guy - thanks! I'm so excited to win Alex's book! :) A lighthouse keeper would be very cool!!

    Cynthia - Thank you! I've gotten a TON of hugs and thanks from my kids!! :) I'd forgotten jockey - I wanted that too. And I AM short enough! :)

  40. I wanted to be Olivia Newton John from Grease.

  41. MP - that's an AWESOME choice! :)

  42. A Forest Ranger! Yep...I wanted to be one of those guys up in those high towers out in the middle of nowhere. Tells you something about me, doesn't it. :)

  43. DL - a forest ranger would be awesome too! Think of all the books you could read and write surrounded by all that quiet! :)

  44. I wanted to be a writer, a teacher, a detective or a secretary. But mostly a writer!

  45. Beth - a detective would have been fun too - not sure I'm brave enough though! :)

  46. great list! It's so nice to see - it seems a lot of kids now don't have any idea. They just don't know what they want. I'm wondering about that since I too had lots of things on my list.

    One thing I kept saying every year was to be a jockey. Until the year I finally realized the size restrictions for that particular line of work.

  47. Terry - I considered being a jockey at one point too - but the whip turned me off. Never did grow too tall for the job tho! :)