Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bloo Moose Coming Soon!

Exciting news - my Bloo Moose romances will be hitting the shelves in July!

The first 3 books in the series are ready to go and I'm looking forward to having my characters out in the world.

I love this town and these characters have been hanging out with me for years. So glad they're finally going to get their Happy Ever Afters!

Reaching For Normal

Book coverAfter a childhood spent in hospitals and foster homes, Myla’s freelance adventure writing suits her perfectly. A couple of weeks trying out new things then move on. Now, if she can only get her guide to all things winter interested in helping her lose her V-card.

Sawyer’s lost his parents, his SEAL team, and his legendary Spidey senses. Now he’s faced with a sexy, secretive woman who makes him want things he has no business wanting.

When someone starts butchering the wolves Sawyer is trying to reintegrate, he ends up in the bush with Sexy City Girl whose titanium attitude is more than enough to compensate for her weak leg. 

 If Sawyer and Myla can’t learn to trust each other and themselves, they might not make it out alive.

Amazon -- Reaching For Normal

Reaching For Risks

Book cover

Darby Banks’ yearly Reno List for her B&B is legendary. When her octogenarian guests give her fashion advice, she realizes she needs a renovation of her own. So along with fixing toilets and painting walls, she decides to buy some sexy lingerie and learn to flirt. If only her Risk List didn’t terrify her as much as the reason she’s been hiding in plain sight.

Quinn Charters has turned CharterGear Sporting Goods into a thriving business to spite his family. When they start contacting him with demands he wonders if its time to leave town. But there’s a certain B&B owner who makes him want to stay. If only he could figure out why she’s so wary around him.

An accident that damages Quinn’s store has him staying at Darby’s B&B and helping out with the renovations. And wondering what sexy secret is hidden in that renovation notebook of hers. When Quinn’s brother appears to strong-arm him into helping out the family business, Darby’s anxiety jumps and Quinn digs deep to discover the cause.

Darby should have added Stay Alive to her Risk List.

Amazon -- Reaching For Risks

Reaching For Everything

Book Cover
Love Means Nothing in tennis, but Kami chooses it as a tattoo after her heart is shattered. Her mom’s death and a car crash that causes a career-ending injury make everything worse. Tired of the heartache, Kami decides it’s time to channel the dream she and her mom created. It’s time to open Kami’s Kamp, a tennis school for kids.

Being patient is a vital skill for Rayce LaChance. As a contractor and furniture maker, he knows that rushed decisions never pan out. Especially not in his personal life. When he broke up with Kami, he thought he was freeing her to pursue her career unhindered. Now, Kami’s back in town and proving the Ice Queen reputation she earned on the court carries over into her daily life.

When an obsessed fan becomes threatening, Rayce proves he’ll do anything to help, but Kami isn’t sure her heart is up to the risk.

They’ll both have to take chances if they’re going to find out if Love Means Nothing or Everything.

Amazon -- Reaching For Everything


I'd love to have some early readers. If you'd like an ARC of any of the books, please click here! (Warning - steamy scenes included so if that's not your thing, don't click! 😊)

If you'd be willing to host me on your blog for a spotlight, guest post, or interview, click here (same link)!

Books will release July 21st. Preorders for all 3 are $0.99. The first book will go to perma-free once I figure that out, but the other 2 books will go up to regular price in August.

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Thanks for your support!


  1. A trilogy! Congratulations. You know I'd be happy to host you.

  2. Congratulations on the new releases, Jemi. Two chapters into the first book and I'm loving it. It's hard to put down.

  3. Congrats! If you need a shoutout on my blog, hit me up and I will be happy to help spread the word.

  4. HUGE congratulations. And yes, add me to the list of people who are happy to host.

    1. Thanks so much, Sue!!! You're always so kind!

  5. Congrats! I'm glad to shout out about your books in Follower News on any date in July that I blog that's good for you. The first Wednesday on IWSG day would give you the most exposure. Please email me to set it up.

  6. Oh, that's such amazing news! So cool how you're able to release three books at once. Many congrats!

    1. Thanks Heather! I'm excited to have them heading out into the world! :)

  7. Soon I'll be able to sit down and thoroughly enjoy book one. Love the beginning. (had so much to do with the launch of my third book, lol)

  8. You are currently kicking butt and taking names! I signed up for a guest post and pre-ordered the first book

  9. You know my blog is open and I'd love to read the other two. I'll post a review of the 1st one as soon as I can! Love it! CONGRATULATIONS!