Monday, April 27, 2015

Eclectic Tastes

For anyone who's been following my blog for a while, you probably know I have rather eclectic tastes. I've really noticed this while I've been working away on my NaNo project this month (reached 50k last week!!).

I don't like writing in silence, I prefer to have music or the TV on in the background, but my TV tastes don't match my writing tastes at all!

I write contemporary romance.

I watch sports, mysteries, and all kinds of SF.

Right now, I've got my Fringe DVDs playing - not exactly on the same wavelength as my romance. My other DVDs are along the same lines - Firefly/Serenity, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, Grimm...

Not quite sure what that says about my brain. Maybe because the genres are so different, I'm not confused at all about what's going on in my story and what's on the screen. I do know I focus better on my writing with my TV faves (or sports) are playing on TV.

Or else I'm a little crazy - which no one has ruled out yet!

How about you? Do you write and watch the same genres? Or do you like to mix it up a bit?


  1. You are too cool, Jemi.
    I tend to have the television on, or music play, or both while I'm writing. Sometimes it matches up, but I also watch sports and shows like Top Gear and Restaurant Impossible.

  2. I tend to write in silence, though sometimes I have NPR on in the background. Maybe I'll try the TV one of these days.

  3. I wish I were able to write with music better! I can only write with lyric-free music in the background.

    I enjoyed Fringe! And I don't ordinarily watch shows like that. Loved the concept and the characters and the alternate universe.

  4. I don't watch TV, but I do listen to music. Usually it does fit what I am writing.

  5. Funny!

    I don't even necessarily read and write the same genres. When I was writing kids' books, of course I read lots of adult books at the same time.

    And I do read the literary/commercial women's fiction that I'm working on now - but I'm also inclined to pick up a mystery or thriller. Hopefully diversity in my reading makes my work more interesting!

  6. My music tastes are all over the map. My Pandora shuffle is a little crazy :)

    On TV, there's a variety but nothing like with music.

    Sometimes I listen to music when I write. It really helps a lot if I'm distracted by something or having trouble getting into a scene.

  7. I am so eclectic I surprise myself sometimes.

    I would rather dance to music than write.

  8. Looks like our dvd tastes are almost identical! I'm one of those who's too easily distracted (look, was that a chicken?). I usually need silence when writing, which I don't get often. Which is probably why I write so slowly! lol!

  9. I watch the same kind of stuff as you do and I write that stuff too. I have been turning everything off at times though so I can concentrate on the story.

  10. I guess you'd say I mix it up, too.

  11. Alex - not hardly but thanks! :) There are lots of good shows to choose from!

    Natalie - maybe because i'm used to the noise at school, silence doesn't often work for me!

    Elizabeth - yes! Fringe had some excellent writers!

    Diane - my music is generally on shuffle and I've got eclectic tastes there too :)

    Beth - I bet it does! I love those genre bending books :)

    Carol - my music tastes are all over too (no surprise)

    Teresa - that's a very good plan!!

    Ava - no kidding! If i needed silence, I'd never get a word down :)

    Susan - that's when my brain just switches gears and I miss the show. probably why I like watching shows I've seen :)

    Jeff - it seems a lot of us do :)

  12. I don't match. I love rock and roll music and horror movies, but for a kidlit writer I barely watch kiddie films.

  13. Fun to think about and to read what others do! I mix it up, but I have a strong overlap. I prefer writing in silence or near silence.

  14. I write with music on- but if I had my favorite shows on I would be too distracted. I love that you can write and have your favorite shows on in the background- especially considering the genres are so different. :)

  15. Medeia - it's fun being eclectic!

    Dawn - I rarely do silence unless I'm outside with the birds :)

    Jess - it's fun! I think I've got a few bouncy tendencies in my brain :)

  16. Aren't all writers slightly crazy? I like silence and I abhor television. The only thing my hubcap can watch without my complaining is golf because they are all... ...whispering.

    Good luck with the new project, Jemi!

  17. Hahaha, eclectic is the way to be! I think it's cool how different things can inspire us in different ways. As long as the words are flowing, no one can judge! :)

  18. Yvonne - being a bit crazy definitely helps! :) I love your view on TV too!

    Julie - so true - and eclectic is fun :)

  19. I usually write with silence, but if I've had a break and can't get into it, I write to music-the Sam Smith album is brilliant for this. Also if I'm writing in a cafe and it becomes noisy, I plug in my headphones. I haven't watched DVDs when writing before, but do try and watch as much 18thc stuff as possible at other times to get into the zone for my novel. Best of luck with your WIP Jemi!

  20. I read all genres as well as watch all genres.

    All the best with your ms.

  21. I go nuts if I didn't explore different genres. I'm not a fan of erotica or zombies, but if the story's good and the writing good I will take a peek at a zombie book.

  22. Anita - thanks! I can't say I watch so much as have them on in the background & listen. Keeps that bouncy part of my brain occupied :)

    Nas - sounds familiar! :)

    Lee - I like a lot too! Keeps it all fun all the way around :)

    Kelly - not surprised! :P

  23. I write in silence, well people silence. I like to sit outside and listen to nature when I write.

    I have this addiction to witches and horror stories right now (on tv). I'd like to write something scary some day. It takes me a long time to build up a story in my mind and where it can go.

  24. I love writing my scifi and fantasy. But I'll watch pretty much anything if it's a good story.

  25. I love reading paranormal, scifi and yes. Very eclectic taste!

  26. Sharon - I take a while too - and I love writing on my deck ... but I still have my music on :)

    Lynda - that sounds about the same way my brain works :)

    RR - love that! :)

  27. I remember feeling so proud one time when my now 40 year old son came home from college for the summer and his CD collection included Eagles, Weird Al, the Broadway cast recording of Les Mis, Queen, Flight of the Valkyries, etc. Eclectic. That's my boy.

  28. Thanks Nas! :)

    Linda - Love his list! Most of those are on my iTunes :)