Thursday, May 21, 2015

Learning to Love Revising

I'm over at From the Write Angle today talking about what I've learned about rewriting. I'm nowhere near Expert level at this, but I've learned a lot in the last few years!

I MUCH prefer that initial draft - in fact, I could probably write 1st drafts forever and be happy.

But, I've learned to enjoy revising as well. I didn't think it would ever happen, but it has.

I like rereading that draft and finding sections I love, and sections that need to be eliminated post-haste!

I've learned to like weaving in details - although I'm still working at learning to weave in more description. Anyone else find that really, really hard???

I love the slash and burn rounds of editing. Trimming the story and finding those redundant phrases fills me with giddy pleasure. Weird, but true.

Adding/Deleting plot lines isn't something I'm adept at yet, but I'm working on it. Still gives me nightmares though!

How about you? What's your favourite (or least favourite!) part of the revising process?
(Hope to see you over at From the Write Angle!)


  1. It varies for different stories, but I think I prefer second drafts. I no longer have to face the tyranny of the blank page, but I don't have to be ultra tough on myself as in latter drafts. I sometimes struggle to keep going when I'm writing a first draft; I get into a spiral of I-can't-finish-this-and-nobody-will-read-it-anyway. In the final drafts, it's more this-is-terrible-and-nobody-will-ever-want-to-read-it!

  2. I had been avoiding starting revisions on my latest for a while, but feel the pressure of time. Once I started, I remembered how much I love the process. It's fun! I don't know if I prefer the drafting or the crafting; each comes with its own particular rewards and headaches.

  3. I don't love revising (yet) but I do love knowing I finished the first draft!

  4. You can write my first drafts and I'll revise yours.

  5. I always need to add descriptions!
    I do like editing - there's something exciting about taking something that's just okay and polishing it so it's much stronger.

  6. Hayley - those stages are a little crazy at times! I'm lucky in the first draft stage though - my absolute fave!! :)

    Jeff - I'll still choose drafting first, but crafting is definitely growing on me :)

    Marcy - yes! That totally works :)

    Alex - best offer I've had all week!! You're on :P

    Beth - maybe I like it more because I 'get' it more now - still a long ways to go :)

  7. There's something satisfying about it. As long as it isn't an overwhelming job, I kind of like it. :)

  8. Hey Jemi!

    Pawsonally, sorry, get away from the keyboard, Penny!...Personally, I never revise. I have a certain extremely famous dog do that for me. Thank you for spelling "favourite" in correct English! LOL

    Gary :)

  9. I'm revising right now. I like adding extra lines, even scenes, here and there to clarify plot points and flesh out characters.

  10. Elizabeth - it's the overwhelming part that used to get me too. Learning one step at a time helped!

    Gary - Penny does an awesome job! I need an inner Penny :)

    Medeia - I'm getting better at that, but it's still not easy for me. One day!

  11. You know, the more I revise the more I like it. It takes something that was very rough and makes it ten times better, and that's such a good feeling. Still, I AM having fun drafting my new book.

    Off to read your post now!

  12. I hate it when I'm revising and discover I hate the book! Happens every time, but I keep doing it.

  13. There's just something about first drafts, though, isn't there? I mean, I edit books for a living and even I prefer that rush of inspiration and magic that comes to us when we first sit down at the keyboard and go to town. That's where the creativity is. It can't reach its full potential, obviously, without the discipline of good revision, but the feeling you get when you're just beginning is pretty incomparable.

  14. Caryn - thanks! I don't think I'll ever love revising as much as I love drafting, but I'm liking it more! :)

    Lee - too funny! There are definitely times the writing looks far less stellar than we'd like!

    Ethan - it really is! Pure magic and joy :)

  15. Hehe...I'm doing all the slashing and deleting at the moment!

  16. I kind of flip flop on which I like better, drafting or revising. I think drafting tends to be my favorite, but I've found that I really enjoy revising when I'm fixing things based on excellent CP notes. If I'm revising because of my own ideas, without their brilliant suggestions, it's not as fun. :)

  17. Kelly - love that stage!

    Eds - have fun!

    Shelley - that is SO true!! Cps are life savers :)