Monday, October 4, 2021

NEXUS is here!

 My buddy Tyrean Martinson's book NEXUS releases today!

This is book 2 in the Rayatana series and it is fabulous. The incredible story continues with more fascinating world-building. Here's my review!

This is a terrific read!

The world-building is incredible with a fascinating array of characters, settings, and technology. All of that creates a wonderful backdrop for Amaya's powerful story. As the story opens, Amaya and her friends are facing a trial for violating the laws of the Neutral Zone. Amaya has to learn who to trust, who to listen to, and how to believe in herself.
You'll find yourself caught up in the magic of the story in no time. A fabulous read!

Congrats to Tyrean!!!

Book Blurb:

Amaya is supposed to bring peace to the galaxy. Which is tough when she’s being held for crimes against the Neutral Zone. Her imprisonment is on her own ship with her own crew. But close quarters create tension.

Honestly, her role as Rayatana is a mess.

She may never get to use her powers for anything good. Not if her teacher continues to keep secrets, and not if her powers keep harming others. Putting her mother in a coma should put her in prison, but she has a mission. She wants to bring peace to her people. She needs to become the Rayatana.

 Nexus: The Rayatana Book 2 is available October 4, 2021 for all online, retail, and all ebook platforms. Published by Tyrean Martinson with Wings of Light Publishing, LLC. Young Adult - Science Fiction/Adventure/Sweet Romance. ISBN for Kindle: 978-1-7357695-5-4,ISBN for  Paperback: 978-1-7357695-6-1, and ISBN for EPub: 978-1-7357695-7-8.

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Tyrean Martinson is a word hunter. She forages for words both sweet and tart in the South Sound of Washington State. An eclectic writer, she writes speculative fiction, contemporary and historical fiction, short scripts, devotions, writing books, song lyrics, and poetry. She has been a fencer (long ago), a kickboxer (for a short minute), and an action-movie fan. Tyrean is a life-long book lover, a Christ follower, and walker. Once upon a time, she was a Girl Scout who sang too loudly, and now she’s a podcaster and praise team member. Since childhood, her imagination has been swept away by fairy tales, science fiction, tales of overcoming the odds, and redemption arcs.

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Have you read the Rayatana series? What kinds of world-building do you enjoy?


  1. She'll be thrilled with that review. Congratulations, Tyrean!

    1. I am thrilled with the review! Thanks, Jemi.
      Thanks, Alex!

  2. Congrats to Tyrean. I'm seeing her all over today.

  3. Congratulations Tyrean. And a big hooray for the supportive nature of the blogosphere.

  4. Thank you, Jemi!
    I had so many connectivity issues on Monday I didn't realize you posted.
    Your encouragement means a lot. ❤️

    1. No worries - it's been a wild and wacky week here as well!